Blog Platforms

A multi-user blog platform offers many advantages such as the possibility to create an influential community of Internet users on a specific subject of interest.

What is a multi-user blog platform?

A multi-user blog platform is a web platform allowing you create, host and maintain a community of blogs. Combined with social-networking features, it offers many advantages among which the possibility to engage online with a community of Internet users.

From community management to community engagement

Online community-building can be a powerful way of promoting a cause. It can be defined as the process of building a grassroots movement involving communities, community engagement primarily deals with the practice of moving said communities towards change, usually from a stalled or otherwise similarly suspended position.

WordPress Mu

WordPress Multi-User is ready-made open-source solution allowing you to create an ad hoc blog platform. One of the most famous blogging platform on European affairs built on WordPress Mu is This blog platform successful create a community of top level bloggers on European issues and really seem to shape the debate online on key issues such as sustainable developement, energy security, etc.

Why use a multi-user blog platform

The creation of a multi-user blog platform is the acme of a SMO (Social Media Optimization) strategy allowing you to manage online your reputation, shape the opinion and collect strategic feedbackon key issues.