Nowadays, online communication is being considerated as an essential part of any public relations campaign. More important, Internet has now become a cost-effective channel allowing you to efficiently convey key your messages to the right audience. However, before thinking seriously to go online, you need a bit of preparation.

What is an online communication strategy

By strategic online communication consulting, we mean the process of advising you on the strategic development of your presence, visibility and influence on the Internet in a manner which maximizes your ROI (Return On Investment). On of the key component of  an online communication strategy is for us to keep your Internet  strategyin line with your overarching mission statement.

Web Analytics and SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis evaluating the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in your web project together with the measurement of your presence on the Internet thanks to Web Analytics is where begins strategic online communication consulting. Indeed, before taking any step further, it is essential to assess comprehensibely where you are before goind where you think you should be.

Should I blog or should I not?

In the same regard, the decision to go on social media has to be studied carefully. It is not only a matter of budget and humain resources, it is a matter of adapting your online with your offline presence and get the most benefit of it. Even, you may also consider that going on social media – like opening up a blog – is in line with you objective.

Why use an online communication strategy?

If you are looking to be more influential, you have probably thought about expanding your influence to the Internet which offers multiple channels to effectively relay your key messages to the right audience. Integrate with a public relations campaign, an online communication strategy  is a cost-effective solution to multply your chances of success.