As an organization, you mask yourself how increase the visibility of your press realease online. Social media offers many opportunties to grow your influence on the Internet and make your voice heard. That’s why, we propose to convey your key messages through relaying on “seeding”.

What is seeding?

Seeding defines the process of increasing the visibility of messages through the strategic use of social media (blogs, wikis, etc.). Especially, it consists into identifying and contacting KOLs (Key Online Leaders) to relay your key messages. Seeding presuppose the copywriting of audience-adapted messages to this very specific type of audience.

The KOLs (Key Online Leaders)

By KOLs, we mean for example bloggers that have became “guru” in their field of expertise and thus acquired a strong influence on their readership.

Targeting efficiently the guru bloggers

If a guru blogger relay your position, not only it increase its visibility to your target group but it also brings credibility to your message which then can spread into the whole blogosphere. However, convincing a guru blogger to convey your message requires a certain expertise. This is where we intervene.

Why use seeding?

It is very unlikely that publishing a press release will give you any visibility online as such. For your message to be relayed online, it requires to be promoted online thanks to seeding.