Our eMarketing agency provides online communication services dedicated to European Union stakeholders.  In particular, we offer consulting services on social media marketing including the copywriting of audience-adapted messages and effective seeding through dedicated Internet channels.


By strategic online communication consulting, we mean the process of advising you on the strategic development of your presence, visibility and influence on the Internet in a manner which maximizes your ROI (Return On Investment). On of the key component of  an online communication strategy is for us to keep your Internet  strategyin line with your overarching mission statement.

Web copywriting

Web copywriting defines the process of writing content for display on the Internet. Indeed, in order to reach effectively your target audience, it is essential to adapt your key messages to the multiple Internet channels and its corresponding end-user.

Seeding of messages

By seeding, we mean the diffusion of your key messages through multiple Internet channels. Especially, it is important to target Key Online Leaders (KOLs). In this context, the creative use of social media – blogs, wikis, fora, social-networks, etc. – is usually very effective to reach these strategic online multipliers.