Do you already own a website? Are you satisfied with its current online performance? Have you even defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicors) to assess its presence and visibility on the Internet? Our eMarketing agency delivers effective Web audit in terms of  accessibility, usability and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In particular, such services include detailed reporting with operational recommendations to optimize the global performances of your website.

Accessibility audit

A web accessibility audit is an expert evaluation of your web site against accessibility guidelines and standards. Complying with these standards ensures not only its readibility by disabled people. Very important, websites that are not accessible run the risk of costly legal settlements and a potential loss of business by being “named and shamed” by pressure groups. As well as the reduced risk of litigation, accessible web sites rank higher in search engines, they are easier to maintain, they increase brand equity and they can be used more easily by the large group of people who surf the web with new technologies like mobile phones.

Usability audit

A usability audit covers usability areas such as functionality, visual design, efficiency, learnability, navigation and consistency. It brings you with and in-depth analysis of the organization of the content of the website in particular to improve the Internet user’s experience. Generally speaking, a usability audit focus on the following areas as: ease and clarity of navigation, load and response times, broken links, quality of written copy, Internet user perception together with website owner perception.

SEO audit

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit is a global evaluation of the visibility of your website based on on-site and off-site factors. This is the preliminary step before the actual optimization of a website. Actually, website launching should always start with a thorough SEO audit to avoid failure and disappointing results. Indeed, our professional advice can really help you to avoid costly mistakes and achieve key positioning across all the major search engines.