Whether you are a PR / PA consultancy, an industry federation, a political party, a think-tank or a NGO, it is impossible for you to ignore the new opportunities brought by the Internet. That’s why, our eMarketing agency has tailored offers to match the specific needs of European Union stakeholders and empower their presence and visibility on the Internet.

PR / PA Consultancies

As a public affairs / public relations consultancy, you increasingly need to integrate eMarketing services within your offer. Outsourcing such competences gives you the ability to propose an effective 360° communication offer to your clients.

Industry Federations

As an industry federation, you increasingly need to integrate online communication within your overall strategy not only to communicate with your national members but also to raise awareness about your sector issues. An eMarketing stragy can help you achieve these online objectives.

Political Parties

As a political party, you definitevely need to integrate eMarketing within your overall communication strategy to raise awareness about political issues  at a European or national level.  Key positioning on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), coherent use of social media and targeted online advertising campaigns can help you achieve these objectives.

EU Institutions

As an EU institution, you increasingly need to integrate eMarketing campaigns whether to reach stakeholders or the general interested public. Among other constraints, you often need to communicate at a cross-European level in different languages on a specific issue. And we firmly believe that social media can take up such challenge.


As a think-tank, you increasingly need to increase the visibility of your strategic publications and raise awareness on specific issues. eMarketing can definitevely help you to reach a specific target group and shape the debate at mid-term.


As a non-governmental organization, you increasingly need to integrate eMarketing as a cost-effective solution to launch grassroots campaigns and raise awareness about specific issues. Among other examples, social-networking platforms generate new opportunities to implement a campaign at a European level while still acting local.