Increase the visibility of your online press releases | May 12th, 2010 - 15 h 35 min

As an European stakeholder, you regularly publish online press releases to advertise your statement on a particular issue. Indeed, online press releases offer the advantages to reach a wider audience while cutting diffusion costs. Additionally, it leaves a permanent trace on the Internet whereas a press release is only published once in a print publication.

Reach your target audience in European affairs!

Reach your target audience in European affairs!

However, how do you ensure that your online press releases are actually being read by your target audience? Do you manage to position your statement on targeted keywords and expressions in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) – thus allowing you to drive qualified Internet visitors to your online press releases?

In order to increase your online visibility on key issues, it is essential to apply emarketing techniques to your communication strategy, i.e. integrating web copywriting and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques with a strong CRM solution. Eventually, you can also incluse a short SEM campaign to ensure that your online press release is being read by the maximum audience in the right timeframe.

Apply “marcom” techniques to your online press releases

This strategic combination – often used in “marcom” (Integrated Marketing Communications) – gives you the opportunity to cost-effectively refine your target audience while expanding the scope of your online visibility.

Additionally, thanks to Web Analytics, you are able to precisely assess the impact of your online press releases – and thus monitor your stakeholder outreach and ROI (Return on Investment).

Our eMarketing agency has been specializing into delivering such services in European affairs. If you are interested by our services dedicated to European actors, do not hesitate to contact us.