Assess the Impact of your Online Communication | December 11th, 2009 - 14 h 23 min

While it is often difficult to measure the ROI (return on investment) regarding offline communication, online communication allows you to precisely collect, measure and analyze data regarding your Internet visitors thanks to Web Analytics.

Web Analytics - Assessing your impact online

A result-driven approach

eMarketing solutions provide measurable results as they focus primarily on the ROI (return on investment) from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Indeed, the integration of Web Analytics ensure a continuous improvement of an eMarketing campaign and the generation of a comprehensive final impact assessment.


As an industry federation for example, you might be willing to target a specific group of MEPs working on specific issues. While sending them brochures or press release can be very expensive, it is also not a guarantee that your position will be read. However, if you were to issue a targeted communication campaign online, it would not only be a cost-effective solution but you would be able to know if you have reached your target. This is also why you should seriously think about investing into online communication. This is actually far more justifiable than a costly press relation relations campaign.