eMarketing? What for?

eMarketingServices.eu | July 28th, 2009 - 21 h 15 min

Integrating eMarketing into your European public affairs campaigns will guarantee you the perfect combination between offline and online visibility on key issues.

Reaching out a strategic online visibility and influence

As we also stated in our Brussels’ eMarketing Blog, it is impossible now to any European stakeholder to ignore the opportunities generated by the Internet.¬† Generating an online presence¬†by creating a website is not sufficient anymore if one really wants to influence the online and aslo offline debate on key issues.

eLobbying - Reaching an Online Visibility and Influence

Positionning yourself on strategic key issues

  • To take an example: Being well positionned on the keywords “sustainable development” on major search engines demonstrate your authority on this key issue and also bring online visibility to your own position. It gets even more obvious if you get well-positionned on the name of an European Commission Directive regarding this issue.
  • Another example: Online advertising makes now possible to target very accurately Internet users on linguistric criteria, geograpical criteria (Region, Country, City, etc.) and more important centre of interests (EU Politics, Sustainable Development, etc.).


Reaching a strategic online visibility to influence the debate on strategic key political issues is called eLobbying. This strategy brings both the advantages of eMarketing and lobbying.